Cold Cold Feet

from by Sofia Talvik



She put her money in her pocket
thirteen dollars fifty cents
Not enough to put a turkey on the table
not enough to pay the rent

She passed the goodwill on the corner
of Lamar and fourteenth street
She thought about those little ones and how she
never seemed to have enough to warm

Those cold cold feet
cold cold feet

Tomorrow’s Christmas morning
she wishes she could be around
to see their smiles as they are opening the presents
that she got at lost and found

But they won’t eat unless she’s working
trying her best to make ends meet
And though she takes those extra shifts
there never seems to be enough to warm

Those cold cold feet
cold cold feet

She puts a blanket on her baby
She puts her money in a jar
Maybe one day there’ll be enough to
buy herself a car
And they can leave this place behind them
They can leave this poor old street
Go somewhere south where winter’s milder
And she doesn’t have to work so hard to warm those

cold cold feet
cold cold feet


from Cold Cold Feet, released November 29, 2015



all rights reserved


Sofia Talvik Gothenburg, Sweden

We all know the Swedes can write a mean pop songs – but what about folk songs? Well, one artist is nonchalantly transferring the charm and fun found in most pop songs into sweet, acoustic twang. Sofia Talvik, brings bubbly blonde ambition to this raw and often quiet genre with a captivating breath of fresh air. ... more

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